We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your continued contact in the lifestyle that has changed due to the new corona infection, and let's continue to work together to overcome this hardship! First, collect the right information and prevent infection! There is no night that doesn't dawn!   Owner chef Junro Oka
COMEDOR AO.【Formerly Iwappara Pit Inn】


While complying with the guidelines for preventing the spread of infectious diseases, we are working to create a space where you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind, and we hope that it will help you with your mental care. Thank you    Owner and chef Junro Oka

【We will continue to thoroughly implement the sales system in line with the guidelines for measures against new corona infections.】

①Please measure the temperature when you come to the museum and disinfect your hands diligently.
② Please fill in and sign the confirmation letter for infectious diseases
③ At the front counter, we will respond through acrylic panels.
④ The staff will always be wearing a mask and mouth guard to serve customers.
⑤ From the perspective of measures against the Three Cs, the number of rooms in operation is 7.
⑥ Restaurant seats are separated by partitions and ventilated at any time.
⑦ All meals will be provided every day.
⑧ From the viewpoint of avoiding contact with customers, we ask that you avoid crowds when bathing in hot springs.
⑨ There are no clothes baskets, and each room is equipped with its own bathing basket.
⑩ If you wish, you can check in and check out in your room. 
⑪ We are taking all possible measures to disinfect and sterilize the facility and secure a safe distance to avoid sanmitsu.

※Customers who are not feeling well, such as fever, cough, and other symptoms of colds, are not allowed to enter.
  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Hokuriku support discount【Niigata support travel discount campaign】

  • Hokuriku Support Discount "Niigata Support Travel Discount Campaign" Let's energize Hokuriku with a trip!

    ★About Hokuriku Support Discount Reservations★e-mail:yoyaku@pitinn.com
    Tel:025-787-3413 or 070-3861-3413
    【Start accepting provisional reservations] Friday, March 8, 2020 10:00 a.m.※Ends as soon as allocated budget runs out
    【Target users】Elementary school students and above
    【Accommodation price discount amount】50% of the accommodation fee (total amount)(Maximum ¥20,000 per reservation per person)
    【Confirm your reservation】This will be when we confirm the transfer of the discounted accommodation fee (by 5 PM the day after the reservation).
    ※If the reservation is not confirmed by 5pm the next day, the provisional reservation will be cancelled.
    ※When using the support discount, changes and cancellations cannot be made after the reservation is made.

The power spot where the god of rice resides is Mt Iiji! We are waiting for you in the same place with the same face

  • Reiwa Year 1! From Iwappara PITINN to COMEDOR AO.! A kitchen where you can stay overnight! A new challenge!

    ●Notice of change of name due to business succession
    We have decided to change the name of our company as we take over the business of Iwappara Pit Inn We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your kindness over the past 30 years of the Heisei era, and we sincerely hope that you will continue to support us for many years to come. Comedoru is my favourite Spanish word and means delicious restaurant. Ao is a combination of my initials AO. Put a dot on the buttocks to make it a lucky picture! Blue goes ahead! Ao is Hawaiian for dawn! With the desire to stay blue forever!  Mi Tong Bing!  New challenge in the first year of Reiwa
              COMEDOR AO. Owner Chef, hill, Akira

【Niigata welcome campaign! 】plan foreign tourists only

  • 【Niigata welcome campaign! ¥5,000 OFF】Foreign tourists only! Plan

    plan for foreign tourists!
    ! The displayed accommodation price is the price after the discount.
    【usage period】~Until check-out on Thursday, February 29, 2024
    【Conditions of use】① Being a foreign tourist
    ②Please present a foreigner's certificate (identification card) at check-in.(Confirmation documents are documents that can confirm your identity, nationality, region, etc. such as a passport or residence card.)
    ※Please note that if you do not present the confirmation documents, we will charge a fee equivalent to the discount amount.
    To make a reservation, please select the "Niigata welcome campaign! ¥5,000 OFF"plan from the accommodation reservation page

Useful! Niigata Travel Discount Campaign

  • 【Nationwide travel support】You can use the Niigata Travel Discount Campaign!

    【Nationwide travel support】Useful! Niigata Travel Discount Campaign
    ★First of all, when making a reservation, please indicate your intention to apply for travel support ◎
    【Reservation period】Until April 7, 2020 (Friday)
    【usage period】Until check-out from April 22 (Saturday) to July 1 (Saturday), 2023
    ※Not applicable from April 29 (Saturday) to May 8 (Monday)
    【Target users】Residents of all 47 prefectures in Japan
    【Conditions of use】Please check from the Tabiwari HP
    ※20% off or up to 3,000 yen discount on eligible accommodation charges per person per night
    Discount will be cash back on the day
    ※2,000 yen on weekdays and 1,000 yen on weekends per person per night

Etiquette for a new trip【Safe and enjoyable travel, avoiding the risk of infection】

  • Notice from the Japan Tourism Agency regarding temporary suspension of the GOTO Travel Campaign (discounts and coupons)

    Due to the spread of the new corona infection, various pressures are applied in various situations.
    This is the situation, but how are you doing?
    For customers who plan to use the Go To Travel campaign and make reservations before December 14th, please be aware that due to the government's temporary suspension of the Go To Travel campaign, Go To Travel discounts and coupons will be temporarily suspended (this applies to accommodation stays between December 28th and January 11th). Also 
    If you cancel, there is no cancellation fee before December 24th, so please complete the procedure as soon as possible.

Restaurant bar, lined with dishes using ingredients from Niigata and item-rich liquor

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Natural hot spring, male and female baths in this facility, Iwataniyu

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COMEDOR AO. (Former Iwappara Pit Inn) traffic access

Google Map

Hotel Name

Iwappara Pit Inn


731-1 Tsuchidaru, Yuzawa Town, Minamiuonuma County (Inside Iwappara Ski Resort)

Telephone number



Free Shuttle Bus(conditions)
★During the ski season, please use the shuttle bus to Iwappara Ski Resort(Scheduled service)
Echigo Yuzawa Station East exit Iwappara Ski Resort Mountainside Resort Center 2 Get off Iwappara Ski Resort Mountainside Resort Center 2 Terminal(15 minutes required)※No reservation required for scheduled flights
4 minutes walk from the bus stop towards P6


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How to play Iwappara / Echigo Yuzawa Station

  • GREEN (green season)

    Among the popular Yuzawa Trekking Course, Mt. Iizu is particularly popular. There are plenty of outdoor spots to enjoy from spring to autumn in the Echigo Yuzawa Station and Iwappara areas, including Mt Iiji, river walking, fishing and canoeing! Lots of adventure points!
    Of course, you can also enjoy tennis and golf. Komedo Luao also has a very popular stone BBQ terrace where you can enjoy meals in the open air! It is an ideal location as a relay point to sightseeing spots in Niigata Prefecture, such as the scenic Sea of Japan, Sado, Yahiko, etc.
  • SNOW (snow season)

    Iwappara Ski Resort a spacious slope where everyone from beginners to experts can enjoy skiing and snowboarding to their heart's content! Comed Oluao is located on the right side of the first pair lift landing, in the middle of the slope course.
    Once you enter the facility, you'll find yourself slipping out the front door and slipping back in - it's the best location!
    You can monopolize the overflowing silver world that extends in front of your eyes to your heart's content.

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