Iwappara PITINN, COMEDOR AO. Comedo Oruao, thank you very much for your kind heart for 2018! I would like to ask for your patronage that has not changed from now on, even from now on! We look forward to seeing you at the same place and face! , Owner chef, hill, Akira
Iwappara Pit Inn

【Official】Iwappara Pit Inn

Excellent location overlooking the Tanigawa Mountain Range and the mountains of Echigo! Echigo Yuzawa Station, authentic Italian and Spanish to taste in the adult retreat surrounded by Mt Iiji nature! We look forward to welcoming you with the same taste and mind as the owner.

【New Year! In the same place, with the same face, but reborn!

  • New Year! From Iwappara PITINN to COMEDOR AO. , Is a new challenge!

    ●Notice of name change due to inheritance of Iwappara Pit Inn business

    With the success of Iwappara Pit Inn Inn, we are pleased to announce that we will change the name and name as we enter the Iwappara Pit Inn Inn business. We sincerely thank you for your patronage and compassion from the long acclaim of the great people of the Heisei 30 years, and look forward to your continued patronage.

         COMEDOR AO. Owner Chef, hill, Akira (Old Iwappara Pit Inn, Manager chef)

  • With the new name, COMEDOR AO., Comedo Orao,


    A kitchen where you can stay

    Comedor is a favorite Spanish word, meaning of a delicious dining room

    Ao is a united form of my initials, AO

    Put a dot on the buttocks to become a Daikichi picture and be positive!

    Blue goes! , Ao, in Hawaiian, dawn!

    The desire to be there forever! Also, COMEDOR, AO.

    New Year, a new challenge!
  • Limited to customers who participate in popular Fuji Rock Festival every year※Please be sure to confirm it

    ●The in-facility natural hot spring, of course, can take a bath for 24 hours!
    ●Yuzawa station Free pick up service available until 25 o'clock
    ●Use of parking lot on check-in the first day, Cloak available from 9 am
    (It is okay system to hand back the key of the room and return at any time)
    ●Breakfast discount (Local material Koshihikari morning tea ・ with fruit ・ coffee, we will prepare for ¥ 1800 only for advance reservation up to 2 days before)※Closed from 8 o'clock to 9 o'clock
    ●Relaxed out, 12 o'clock! , You can park your car all day after it's out
    ★After booking, be sure to call on the use of the parking lot, we will meet and transfer
    (Tel: 0257-87-3413)

Natural hot spring, male and female baths in this facility, Iwataniyu

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COMEDOR AO.(Old Iwappara Pit Inn)Access

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Hotel Name

Iwappara Pit Inn


731-1 Tsuchidaru, Yuzawa Town, Minamiuonuma County(Iwappara Ski Resort in the Iwappara Ski Resort)

Telephone number



Free shuttle bus (conditions)
★For the ski season, you will need a shuttle bus to Iwappara Ski Resort (diamond flight)
Echigo Yuzawa Station East exit, ⇔, Iwappara Ski Resort Mountainside Resort Center 2 Get off at the terminal point (15 minutes required)※Reservation unnecessary per diamond flight
4 minutes on foot from the bus stop P6


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How to play Iwappara

  • GREEN(Green season)

    For fishing and canoeing, Echigo Yuzawa Station · Iwappara around, there are lots of outdoor spots that you can enjoy because it is spring to autumn!
    A lot of adventure points!
    Trekking, river walk, canoeing for fishing, rafting! Of course you can also enjoy tennis and golf.In 2007, the stone BBQ terrace completed in the premises is also very popular! Ideal location as a relay point to the scenic Sea of ​​Japan
  • SNOW(Snow Season)

    From beginners to experts, a spacious Iwappara Ski Resort you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding as much as you wish, Iwappara Ski Resort! Iwappara Pit Inn is located at the center of the slopes course, right on the first pair lift Iwappara Pit Inn right.

    Once you enter the facility, you will start off from the front door, slide to the front door, come back home, the best location!
    You can monopolize the overflowing silver world that extends in front of your eyes to your heart's content.

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