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Iwappara Pit Inn
A slope in the middle of the slopes!

【Official】Iwappara Pit Inn

★Ski season, Parking·Access Information★

  • Please use free parking lot and free shuttle bus!

    【People who come by car】
    Free parking Iwappara Ski Resort of Iwappara Ski Resort is available. After arrival, please come to the parking lot of P6,
    After accepting parking at this facility, we will give you a parking permit.
    Then, please stop to the P3, P4, P5 parking lot. ※Reservation not required
    (P1 / P2 will be a private parking lot on a day trip)
    【People who come by train】
    It is available to Iwappara Ski Resort line" Free shuttle bus from JR Joetsu Shinkansen (bullet Train) Echigo Yuzawa Station East Exit. (※ reservation unnecessary)Echigo Yuzawa Station East exit ⇔ halfway off resort center 2 end stop

★OK by hand! Information on advantageous skiing and snowboarding★

  • Available in the store, rental ski items, prepared!

    Ski set · snowboard set, 1 day, ¥ 2,500
    Glove goggles, 1 day, 500 yen

2018-2019 season★Ski & snowboarding plan sales started!

  • The snow season has arrived this year too! Let's play winter in Iwappara!

    【! I heard footsteps of winter! 】

    Iwappara Ski Resort middle of the slope! That's why I enjoyed the silver world from morning to night.
    Besides, I'm satisfied with a delicious meal on natural hot springs!
  • Notice of Kitchen & Counter Renewal August 2018★

    The kitchen & counter has been newly reborn!
    ◎ enjoy relaxing drink while relaxing feeling the chef's skill at the counter full of live feeling ◎
    Please come over to Iwappara Pit Inn Reborn!


Google Map

Hotel Name

Iwappara Pit Inn


731-1 Tsuchidaru, Yuzawa Town, Minamiuonuma County(Iwappara Ski Resort in the Iwappara Ski Resort)

Telephone number



Free shuttle bus (conditions)
★For the ski season, you will need a shuttle bus to Iwappara Ski Resort (diamond flight)
Echigo Yuzawa Station East exit, ⇔, Iwappara Ski Resort Mountainside Resort Center 2 Get off at the terminal point (15 minutes required)※Reservation unnecessary per diamond flight
4 minutes on foot from the bus stop P6


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How to play Iwappara

  • GREEN(Green season)

    For fishing and canoeing, Echigo Yuzawa Station · Iwappara around, there are lots of outdoor spots that you can enjoy because it is spring to autumn!
    A lot of adventure points!
    Trekking, river walk, canoeing for fishing, rafting! Of course you can also enjoy tennis and golf.In 2007, the stone BBQ terrace completed in the premises is also very popular! Ideal location as a relay point to the scenic Sea of ​​Japan
  • SNOW(Snow Season)

    From beginners to experts, a spacious Iwappara Ski Resort you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding as much as you wish, Iwappara Ski Resort! Iwappara Pit Inn is located at the center of the slopes course, right on the first pair lift Iwappara Pit Inn right.

    Once you enter the facility, you will start off from the front door, slide to the front door, come back home, the best location!
    You can monopolize the overflowing silver world that extends in front of your eyes to your heart's content.

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