COMEDOR AO.【Old, Iwappara Pit Inn】
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Basic accommodation fee(1 Night/ 2 Meals·tax excluded)

Weekdays, Adult(s)

Before Holidays, Adult(s)

End of Year/Beginning of Year, Adult(s)

  • ※It may differ from the above rates.For details, please check "reservation · plan list".

Children fee (5 years - elementary school 6th grade)

Children's diet·Bedding amenities set, 2,000 yen reduction of adult rate (1 Night with Breakfast, In case of no meal, 1,000 yen reduction)

  • (※For children under the age of 4, there are schedules that can not be accepted (year-end and new year, busy weekend, etc.). Please contact us directly, directly.)

plan without meals

For one night breakfast only: 2,000 yen less than the above price

One night without meal:The above price 3,000 yen discount

  • (There are schedules that we can not accept, such as year-end / new year / live event day etc.)

Meal supplement charge

Breakfast: 1,500 yen

  • Minami-Uonuma's Koshihikari (Blanded Rice) Meal Set(Japanese Food)
  • American style(Bread meal)

Dinner: 3,500 yen

  • Mediterranean Sea style full course dinner(Western Food)
  •  Uonuma Vegetables Meal Set(Japanese cuisine)

Group Discount Fee(Group travel·Training camp·Seminar)

Group Discount Fee

Weekdays, 1 Night/ 2 Meals10 to 15: From 8,000 yen, 16 to 25: From 7,500 yen, From 26 people: From 7,000 yen
Weekdays, 2 Nights/ 4 Meals10 to 15: From 15,500 yen, 16 to 25: From 14,500 yen, From 26 people: From 13,500 yen
Before Holidays, 1 Night/ 2 Meals10 to 15: From 8,500 yen, 16 to 25: From 8,000 yen, From 26 people: From 7,500 yen
Including day before holiday, 4 nights and 4 nights10 to 15: From 17,500 yen, 16 to 25: From 15,500 yen, From 26 people: From 14,500 yen
Half a dayRental Hall: 18,000 yen, Grand piano(YAMAHA C3)Walnut: ¥ 10,000
Microphone PA equipment·operator:Negotiable
1 - 2 daysRental Hall: From 30,000 yen, Grand piano(YAMAHA C3)Walnut: 18,000 yen
Microphone PA equipment·operator:Negotiable

Payment procedure

  • [1] First of all, please give me the advance remittance of your money.

    Financial institution name
    Daishi Bank, Yuzawa Branch, Ordinary deposit, 5012116
    Account holder, Oka Shiro
    ※The input is "Oka Atsuo".
    ※If you can not make advance remittance, please contact us on request of local payment after accepting cancellation provision.
    ※Full advance remittance can also be accepted.

    [2] Please settle the balance of the balance.
    ※Both cash and credit are available.

Cancellation provisions

  • (1) 14 days before the scheduled stay date (Year-end and New Year holidays and live event holding dates a month ago), ..., Your money

    (2) 7 days before the date of arrival, · · ·, 50% of planned plan price

    (3)The day before the scheduled accommodation day and the same day, ·...·, 100% of planned plan price