COMEDOR AO.【Formerly Iwappara Pit Inn】
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How to play Iwappara

GREEN (green season)

Tanigawa Mountain Range stream of coolness and refreshing scenery · Fresh trekking playing in the river

  • There are plenty of outdoor spots around Echigo Yuzawa Station and Iwappara that can be enjoyed from spring to autumn, such as fishing and canoeing!
    Lots of adventure points!
    Trekking, river walks, fishing, canoeing, and rafting! Of course you can also enjoy tennis and golf.
    The stone BBQ terrace completed on the premises in 2007 has also been a big hit! It is also an ideal location as a stopover on the way to the scenic Sea of Japan.
  • Daigenta Canyon
  • Trout-domari
  • BBQ terrace
  • Mt Iiji trekking
  • Masudomari-no-Taki (Fall)
  • Naeba Dragondola

SNOW (snow season)

  • Once you leave the inn, you slide out the front door and into the hall! Great location!

    Iwappara Ski Resort a spacious slope where everyone from beginners to experts can enjoy skiing and snowboarding to their heart's content! Iwappara Pit Inn is located right on the right side of the first pair lift landing, in the middle of the slope course.

    Once you enter the facility, you'll find yourself slipping out the front door and slipping back in - it's the best location!
    You can monopolize the overflowing silver world that extends in front of your eyes to your heart's content.
  • The peak of Mt Iiji
  • Iwappara Main Ski Area (Gelande)
  • View of the Tanigawa Mountain Range from near the summit

Rental gear fee table (from check-in until 4:00 p.m. on the day of check-out) Easy return without transportation!

Ski 3-piece set2,500 yen (regular price 3,000 yen) Skis only/boots only 1,800 yen each
Snowboard 2 piece set2,500 yen (regular price 3,000 yen) Snowboard only/boots only 1,800 yen each
Short ski 2 piece set2,500 JPY
Wear glove set2,500 yen (regular price 3,000 yen) Top only / bottom only 1,800 yen each
Gloves only / goggles500 JPY